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Over 100 Accredited Traffic Control and Security staff.

50 vehicle fleet for Traffic Control and Security.

Over 40 years experience.

Security Courses

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Traffic Control Courses

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Hospitality Courses

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Each participant enrolling in a course will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to obtain their certificate or qualification when studying nationally recognised training in Australia.  A USI gives you access to your online USI account which will help keep all your training records together. Certificates and Statements of Attainment cannot be issued without a USI. If you don't already have a USI please click here to apply.




It is recommended to read the Guardrite Student Handbook before undertaking any of our courses. If you would like to read or download the Handbook, please Click Here


Guardrite Security & Industry Training provide nationally accredited training and development for persons who are involved in the Security Industry and accredited and non accredited training and development to meet Queensland Licensing requirements for Traffic Controllers.

Guardrite has implemented a quality system which meets the requirements of the Australian Quality Framework and is subject to external audit by the Department of Employment and Training. To meet our quality system requirements, our policies and procedures are under continual review by our specialist internal and external auditors.


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