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Our affiliated company, Guardrite Security & Venue Management has a team of highly trained and fully licensed security personnel providing professional Security Services throughout South East Queensland who are committed to providing quality service with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

Our Security Officers have a vast knowledge of the Security Industry and have ongoing training facilities which are mandatory for all those engaged by Guardrite to carry out security operational duties. Our Security Officers are professional, competent and reliable operating under current industry and legislative licensing requirements.

Guardrite is a Quality Assured Company and has completed and been successful in the rigorous auditing process of the JAS-ANZ to become fully accredited in the AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

Our Management has a wide array of experience in Corporation Security and Law. Guardrite guarantees that all its services comply with current workplace safety practices. All staff, contractors and any other persons who work in connection with Guardrite are continually instructed in this area. In that way, Guardrite can guarantee that all services are quality assured.

Guardrite Security & Venue Management offers an integrated service through our Human Resources, Special Services and Investigations divisions, specialising in the following:

  • Static guards
  • Crowd control
  • Security consulting
  • Loss prevention
  • Human resources
  • Private investigations
  • Staff escorts
  • Cash escorts
  • Counter terrorism
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Alarm installation
  • CCTV installation & service
  • Surveillance
  • Covert cameras
  • Worksite security

Crowd Control

Guardrite has a wealth of knowledge and experience in crowd control operations. We have experienced Crowd Controllers working in various locations including:

  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Corporate events
  • Private Functions

Static Guards

Guardrite Security Guards are handpicked to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Rigorous training and testing are compiled to source out the best from the rest. They then are re-trained to ensure your specific requirements are met and maintained.

One of the services provided are Guardrite Security static guards. Their services are implemented for a diverse range of applications such as:-

  • Construction worksites
  • Licensed venues
  • Private parties
  • Corporate or private functions
  • Corporate office complexes
  • Resort complexes
  • Major shopping centres
  • Building sites
  • Exhibitions and sporting events
  • Car parks and markets
  • Banks
  • Conventions
  • Office blocks

We specialise in ensuring all sites are maintained in a secure manner minimising exposure to possible theft or vandalism. Risk assessments are undertaken on each site to ensure the best coverage is achieved and the most appropriate safety and security services are provided to minimise risk to your staff, customers and valuables.

Staff Escort

This service has been added due to our ongoing requirements from our current clients. This service is treated in every respect with the same severity as that of the armed escorts. You advise us of a nominated time and we will have a uniformed guard meet with your staff and assist with the lock up of the premises and escort your staff personnel to their cars or any designated safe area. We have found the number of clients requiring this service is growing increasingly.

Technical Division

Guardrite Security Technical Division has vast experience with the installation and servicing of a comprehensive range of security alarm systems, closed circuit television, covert and pinhole cameras and access control systems. Our technicians are fully qualified and approved, which in turn provides you with greater security and an expeditious service by dedicated professionals. Our technicians are available to you 24/7, and ensure your expectations are surpassed. They are experts in their field of repairs and technical assistance.

Close Personal Protection/Body-guarding

Our CPP operators are specialists in their own right. Our growing portfolio of CPP clients is growing increasingly. Our CPP operators (Bodyguards) are trained professionals and are the finest of our trained personnel. Requirements for our staff are compatibility with executive members and excellent inter-personal communications. Size of the guard is allocated for your individual specifications. Whether you require substantial size or very discreet, we will customise our staff to your specifications.

Our advanced training is maintained constantly to update our techniques operating in the field. The risk for the bodyguard is accepted and anticipated. The main purpose is to protect you no matter the environment or circumstances. Training in weapons, un-armed combat and defensive tactics are amongst our training regime.

Cash Transit

Guardrite Security provides a cash escort and banking service. One of our specialised areas, we control all situations with professionalism and caution. We engage all duties with secure and reliable routes and procedures. Again we will customise our special escort section to comply with your every need and specifications. Advise us of a nominated time and we collect your banking goods and transport it to your nominated bank. This service is conducted by Specialist Guards in plain clothes or uniform. We can give expert advice on re-routing and procedures to ensure absolute efficiency. We also have our own armed vehicle available.

Operations Centre

Guardrite Security owns and operates its own centrally located Operations Centre which is the hub of our operations.

The service is available 24/7. We are constantly updating our equipment to make it more advanced for the next application. We maintain constant surveillance over the radio and Close Circuit Television Operations. We also maintain constant communication with Queensland State and the Federal Police in the event of an incident rising in severity. We ensure your company and personnel are covered at all times.

Investigation Division

Internal company fraud, theft and other forms of employee malpractice are being exposed at alarming levels. Company profitability is affected not only by the direct loss of assets or finances, but by increased insurance premiums and other tangible inefficiencies resulting from corrupt work practices. An increasing area of risk involves intellectual property and the infringement of copyright, patent and trademark rights.

The investigations division conducts discreet investigations to reveal the scale of theft or fraud and identify the perpetrators.

The Division utilises Federal data bases and with international contacts can isolate the crime at an alarming rate. We also hold qualifications in instructing Investigators.

Surveillance and Covert Cameras

Surveillance of suspects is another tool to identify malpractice. Long-range video cameras and other sophisticated technical equipment are used to gather evidence.

The use of covert cameras and time-lapse video recorders can be an integral tool in protecting your assets against employee dishonesty. Technical systems can be monitored and record conduct in the work place with the video being reviewed by our analyst as a component of the investigation. We can set up a wide array of monitoring for your company. Covert cameras placed in discreet and undetectable positions, again catering for your individual needs.

Security Consulting And Project Management

An assessment of present security policies, potential threats, security procedures and systems, audit functions, stock control and movement, staff training and the performance of current security services can result in financial savings through reduced stock losses, reduced insurance premiums and savings on security systems and services.

We provide you with members of our consulting team on site whenever you desire. Our corporate strategy and function planning will be tailored to suit you individual needs. You will have a direct number with our consultant or duty manager 24/7 to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Computer and Resource Division

Many organisations are faced with the increasingly difficult task of protecting information concerning their business operations.
This information may impact on competitive advantage, be injurious to company interests, or may jeopardise personnel or organisational security.

Our technical counter measure service provides protection against intrusion into computer networks and illegal monitoring of meetings, telephones, facsimiles and telex lines. We pride ourselves on maintaining advanced training in monitoring and anti-intrusion. We can make sure your company is secure when you are not there.

Crisis Management

Product adulterations, threats to company executives, extortion, bomb threats and malicious property damage have the potential to financially devastate a business.

In any crisis situation the potential losses are often compounded by the diversion of key management personnel from core business activities to deal with crisis issues.

We can assist you to contain potential losses through the identification of risks, and the implementation of security programs including establishment of crises management procedures and the provision of a specialist response in the event of a crisis.

Human Resource Division

Increasing levels of crime and violence are impacting on many organisations. The outcome may be:

  • Risks to the safety of your staff
  • Reduction in company profitability
  • Injury to corporate image

Complex employment and industrial relation laws also impact on the workplace and can create a liability exposure for employers, particularly in the area of employee dismissals.

Guardrite offers a unique blend of:

  • Security and risk management
  • Knowledge of human resource
  • Industrial relations
  • Management training experience

A comprehensive needs analysis and consultative approach to course design ensures that training outcomes address organisational concerns.

Our primary objective is the implementation of learning work place practices.

An enthusiastic and professional presentation by our trainers ensures a high level of interest and skill development by participants.

We have developed a number of core programs, which have been tailored to meet specific industrial requirements. Alternatively, we can design a program to meet your individual needs.

Counter Terrorism

We work with organisations and businesses that need to evaluate their premises from a counter-terrorism and security risk management perspective.

We help organisations understand the level of risk they may be exposed to and identify what security improvements may be required to further protect their facilities and people.

The types of buildings we typically advise on counter terrorism security include:

  • Data Centres
  • Commercial Office Towers
  • Shopping Centres
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Chemical storage and warehousing facilities
  • Transport authorities

Counter Terrorism is the implementation of security practices, techniques, tactics and strategies to reduce the risk and consequences of a terrorist attack on an organisation and is aimed at safe-guarding their people, property and information.

A counter-terrorism review evaluates every aspect of a facilities security measures, starting from the property boundary and working in. It not only includes physical control measures such as gates and fencing, but also:

  • Ease of access into the building for members of the public
  • Visibility and sight-lines of building entry points
  • Visitor management to the tenancies, and to the building
  • Staff and third party vehicle management on and near the site
  • Review of the age, condition and effectiveness of access control and intruder detection systems
  • Review of the extent of CCTV coverage (if any) and review of media storage capability
  • Adequacy of management systems for access control and CCTV systems (if any)
  • Review of perimeter building detection and protection
  • Review of building control points
  • Plant room, communications room, and building services security
  • Review of security standing orders associated with permanent or temporary guards
  • Security related operational policies and procedures
  • Mail handling procedures (i.e. threat of viruses, and explosive devices, etc)
  • A review of evacuation procedures and incident response management
  • Risk of theft of assets and/or information

We also work with our clients to determine the likelihood of a terrorist attack occurring, the likely ramifications of an attack, and the level of disruption a terrorist attack could potentially cause to the business.

For enquiries about the services we provide, please contact us on 07 5597 5527 Monday to Friday, 6.00am to 4.30pm or by emailing us on or

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